Chose your fucking potato message!

No one cares about about the gifts you have received so far, the photos you have taken, the messages you have sent, the beautiful notes you have written. In the next period, you will be able to store and gift your messages, photos, notes in a unique way with Cool Potatoes. The collection of 5.555 unique rare items is a PFP collection with text messages. We call them CPM (Cool Potato Message).

In addition, each CPM unlocks membership where you can create your own characters and text messages. What happens if you hodl CPM NFT for a long time? Your messages will be multi-character.

What is CPM?

Cool Potato Messages will be one of the best ways to express your feelings. Sometimes you can show what’s on your mind with your facial expression, sometimes it’s the other way around and you can’t do it. At this very moment, CPM will be able to present what is on its mind and everything that is likely to pass to the world.

First, we introduce you to the genesis collection. In the next collection, we will present you the new project that you can select all the characteristic features and the messages which you have determined by yourself. For each CPM you have in the Genesis collection, you will receive the next generation CPM from the next project. Imagine that, set your potato, set your message and mint NFT’s to that fucking world.

Each message written to potatoes is a signature to the NFT World.


Phase 1: Genesis version started an minting of CPM character on October (TBA)

Phase 2: Version-II Potatoes launch and free mint for CPM holders.

Phase 3: Create own character and own message. You can determine the appearance of your CPM character based on your emotion status, creat your own message or photo in the CPM and mint it.

Phase 4: Birth of the CPM platform and start write to earn project.




NFT and Web3 enthusiast. In a public institution head of the IT department in the metropolitan municipality



Software developer on cryptocurrencies, NFT and Web3.

Big Dreamer


She is someone who does a very good job in the market with her designs. CPM becomes the first dream NFT collection

Boss Potato

Marketing Manager

The person who manages all the potatoes in the CPM collection.